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Parunos Product Introduction

Love your skin by yourself?

Introduction <and health maintenance of the skin>
Your skin is always changing in being influenced from an external stimulus factors, such as heat and cold of stress environments such as sweating, sunburn, cold, drying, makeup, bathing, washing, and from the inside, such as a deficiency or excess visceral functions and diet of vitamins and hormones, ……those are cited..
Our body is usually a rehabilitation that tries to heal and adjustment from illness or injury in order to maintain the health, it is in our own power. this function of your own which is called maintenance of homeostasis (homeostasis). Similarly skin, regulation of temperature in order to maintain healthy skin, water evaporation, retaining moisture, sebum secretion, by the action of such skin respiration, while preventing the enemy from the outside to adjust themselves, we have created a skin that is lively with new moist . However, due to various causes of internal and external, to maintain a healthy skin will often difficult.
This tendency becomes stronger and stronger with age, is skin aging process, you will be plagued by these troubles, such as wrinkles, age spots, rough skin-rash. To keep our health and skin of the activity of the skin, the elderly, not to mention, rather than the earlier age, and we are required attention and appropriate measure to everyday health life. In recent years of aging, middle-aged, as well as in aggressive social participation of older people is essential, cosmetics has increasingly become a day-to-day necessities. Above all, there is a growing interest in the product for the natural bare skin activity to prevent the aging of your skin.

The ultimate purpose of Parunos is to retain safely "Beauty and Health." .

And "To keep the freshness full of beautiful skin" as an aid to realize the dream and hope, is developed through the many years of research, the products with proven efficacy, has been proven by more than 20 years in extending practical use, It is "Parunos product series " keep Safety mainly using the superior natural ingredients to effectiveness, provide aging care to support the anti-aging of the skin, which is the work of our confidence.
In conjunction with the age, suiting season, considering the regional differences, the skin type, Series of Parunos kept a healthy skin by arranging more beautiful to have a confidence and elegance to improve the person's humanity, is such products for everyone.

Moisture Lotion 120mL 
Smooth attaching, good stretch lightly feeling. 
Okay with low stimulation even if your skin is sensitive.
This moisturizing ingredient istwice of hyaluronic acid so that moisture of your skin can be long-lasting. 

Essence 30mL 
The Essence is long seller. 
Natural ingredients of vegetable extracts is to effect the beautiful skin 
and feel light and comfortable without sticky, 
Firmly holding moisture throughout the horny layer then you feel the moisture of the skin inside. 

Face Clean Jell 120mL 
Cleansing Gel skin-friendly,adsorption firm force of geltakes awaydirt of your skin and makeup, dead horny skin without double cleansing, while moisturizing, 

Milky Jell 60mL 
Gel emulsion of refreshing. 
The water repellency of milk oil, with no oil extra,it keeps moisture of your skinand supports barrier functions to protect your skin.

Moisture Jell 30g 
Gentleness, lightness ofa Gel type 
While suppressing the extra oil, it moisturizes your skin firmly, 
protect your skin from the stimulation of outside air and dryness,.