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Fande 33mL (series)

[Gel Foundation]
3 Colors: Natural,Ocre,Pink natural 


Price   3,000 yen (VAT excluded) 

Carefully selected emphasize natural skin colorsfor the skin beauty.
To forget aboutthat you were wearing something, the products are comfortable to wear of lightlyrefreshing, use Natural pigments, contain UV protection.
"Gel Foundation"
● Gel adapts to your skin that you have configured by natural ingredients
● UV protection ingredients
As made on thebase of applying a gel,by which does not put a burden on the skin, whichcan combines the make-up and skin care.
● With a light finish and refreshing, there is no weight oiliness, shine, and elongation.

Principal component blended
◎ Natural inorganic pigments (no tar dye) used.
◎ Silk powder
◎ Squalane, hyaluronic acid (Natural Skin Tone)
◎ Perillaextract
◎ Titanium oxide (UV protection)
Product usage:
● After you adapt jellcream for skin care, please patface skin gently while stretching lightly to the entire face an appropriate amount (pearl grain size).
○ As water-based gel made, you may during storage, sweat on the wall inside the container, but do not worry because it does not have the alteration by emulsion breaking. When shaken gently, to return to its original state.
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Country of manufacture:
Made in Japan
All the Ingredients
Water, glycerin, Penchirengurikoru, octyl dodecyl myristate, dimethicone, 1,2-hexane diol, squalane, PPG-52 butyl, sorbitansesquioleate, stearic acid, trehalose, polyquaternium -51 hydroxide, Al, Alcaligenes production polysaccharide body, caprylyl glycol, silica, Dimethicone, chamomile extract, avocado oil, behenyl alcohol, lanolin, two down alginate, hyaluronic acid Na, ethanol, perillaextract, titanium oxide, kaolin, talc, iron oxide, chromium hydroxide
Internal volume:
The product of our company, prescription consisting mainly of natural ingredients and thesales record of many years, by the strict quality control, we have focused on "safe and secure" always. However, when the cosmetic is not suitable to your skin, if that is, such as the following, please discontinue use. That it may and continue to use cosmetics as it is, worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult a doctor of dermatology specialist.
- If during use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation and other abnormalities appeared.
- If your skinthat after you use, appeared such abnormalities of above sunlight shining directly.
Do not use if you are on the site and swelling wounds, eczema, abnormal.
Precautions for storage and handling
Close the lid tightly after use.
Do not store in direct sunlight or place of extremely hot or cold.
Please keep out of reach of children.