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MoistureJell 30g 

[humidity retention] [protection]


8,000 yen (VAT excluded)

Dry skin sensitive skin moisturizer [] and [] protection
Friendly lightly gel type of Hohan track record of more than 20 years, to your skin.
Dry skin sensitive skin moisturizer [] and [] protection
The lighter than cream, it's skin-friendly anyway!
Further safety and security with organic main component
Without missing the moisture accumulated, from drying and irritation of the outside air, to keep the block beautiful skin, moisturizing your skin firmly.
Moisturizing gel" normal skin - for dry skin

  • The smooth water retention moisturizing, your skin moderate oil is to make a film, and protects from external stimuli.
  • Feel the growth of your skin well, skin to become smooth.
  • Usetheorganic raw materials of certified by French “Ecocert”for

the main component (squalane-propanediol)

Principal component blended
squalane (Beautiful emollient) of “Ecocert” Organic raws
propanediol, glycerin (moisturizing) of “Ecocert” Organic raws
atelocollagen-golden root extract, mugwort leaf extract Penta by Tin sunflower seed oil (moisturizing)
dilauroyl glutamic acid lysine Na (moisturizing and protection)
vitamin C derivative 
Product usage

  • After cleansing, use stretched well the amount of red beans University.
  • the base of the foundation, making it ideal for whole body beauty, such as the lower neckline and neck, chin.

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Production, sales agencySeller:
k.k. IBC Research & Laboratory
Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Aida
Country of manufacture:
Made in Japan
All the ingredients:     
Water, squalane (certified organic raw materials), propanediol (certified organic raw materials), glycerin, octyl dodecyl myristate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-20 Sorubitankokoeto, succinylatelocollagen, stearic acid, sorbitan, Jioresu -8 phosphoric acid Na, hydroxide K, behenyl alcohol, (acrylates / acrylic acid alkyl (C10-30)) crosspolymer, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, lysolecithin, carbomer, penta stearic acid polyglyceryl 10, ethanol, isomerized sugar, di lauroyl glutamic acid lysine Na, stearoyl lactic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, hyaluronic acid Na, sunflower seed oil, Scutellaria root extract, mugwort leaf extract, mint extract, BG, methyl paraben, propyl paraben
Internal volume:
The product of our company, prescription consisting mainly of natural ingredients and the sales record of many years, by the strict quality control, we have focused on "safety and security" at all times. However, when the cosmetics do not go with skin, if that is, such as the following, please discontinue use. That it may and continue to use cosmetics as it is, and worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult with a doctor of dermatology specialty.
- In use, redness, swelling, itching, and irritation appeared.
- If the skin after you use, appeared such abnormalitiesof above sunlight shinning directly.
Do not use the part with scratches and swelling, rash, abnormal.
Precautions storage and handling
Close the lid tightly after use. Please keep out of reach of children.
Do not keep it in direct sunlight or place of extremely hot or cold.