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Parunos  Skin care trial set

Daily basic moisturizing skin care, for sensitive skin, dry skin, rough skin, with
low stimulus, fragrance-free coloringfree, of luxury formulated high-quality natural ingredients
As the base of every day skin care, as well to those who dry skin, even for sensitive skin, is the necessary items in our best choice.
With the skin care three itemsof the trial set, please try for about 2 weeks until you can be convinced

[Cleansing] no lose moistureof your skin in the cleansing.

Parunos Face clean Jell 30mL

[Moisturizer] no escapesmoisture of your skin all the way

Parunos Moisture Lotion 30mL

[Protection] Protect your skin with a film of moisture from the drying and irritation

Parunos Moisture Jell 7g

Parunos in direct Home call sales, with the actual experience of over a quarter century.
Please try our skincare from today.