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k.k. IBC Research and Laboratory

Company Resume:

I. Philosophy:  

FQ.jpgTo deliver the pure and true beauty in people
as the mission was thrive on beauty and health of our
shining life a living, will help and support you through our business.


II. Worth (Value):  

The first, the quality of products and services,
we will deliver security and safety to you, enjoy beauty and healthas a culture, we propose the life style. We will contribute to society through our business, based on the spirit of "TruthVirtueBeauty",

Our Life style that ideal "Organic life"
• Meaning of Organic (Organic) is?
As soon as organic farming, such as organic chemistry come to mind when hear <Latin etymology>, but from the meaning organisms literally of (Bio), development and mutual linkage essential, such as organisms there is a sense that.

• Our life is expressed in connection with the Organic life, Ie, the life spiritually rich, healthy essential there was parent natural, spacious, frugal, social of (mutual association), as a person the way I understand the meaning of.

• Elements that form the true beauty is such rich human relations, stability and social support-free mind, a purpose in life first love health, natural skin care, natural.

• And we are called organic life, a fit state and balanced integration of these.



III. Business development (Vision):  
As the core of the product, we will continue to deliver the cosmetic products of pursuing active, natural bare skin, and “Pure Beauty”.
Spread the field to products and services that deliver a healthy underlying “Pure Beauty”, with the aim of business development.


IV. Business:  

  • For general consumerPlanning and development products, Sales and services, and manufacturing of the product
    • Current cosmetics:”Parunos” Brand
  • For professional use and Consumer via Beauty salon, Product planning, Sales and services, development and manufacture of products
    • Current cosmetics: “Purimush” Brand
  • Product OEM, ODM, etc., by any business partner brand, planning, development, and manufacturing.
    • For the beauty industry, the general consumer, and has continued gained numerous achievements both.
    • We are always ready utilizing the innovation and experience of many years, the basic formulation of the various skin care, hair care.
    • Regarding cosmetics planning of your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us.


V. History:  

Over quarter century history,
Founding a cosmetics company of “JBI”, in the first year of Heisei (1988)November

① Established in Toshima-ku, Tokyo and JBI Co., Ltd.: formerly known as
Commissioned Akira HANAWA with experience of nearly 40 years in cosmetics at that time becomes the representative
② Change (1990) July 1990 Company name
Current Show: (Co.Ltd=) “k.k.IBC Research and Laboratory”
③ Moved HQ the (1995) January 1995
④ Launched in January 1996 the "Parunos" brand
New release of the product lines that further enhance the idea of the active naturalbare skin “Parunos”brand who was developedfrom former the brand of “HANAWA”as a superior products in skin care
⑤ New release of 1998 (1998) April “SP Jell”
Product to become the nucleus of UV care of current "Parunos" brand
⑥ New release of 1999 (1999) January “White rich jell”
Product to become the nucleus of Whitening of current "Parunos" brand
⑦ Launched in July 2011 the "Purimush" brand
New release of the products that a certain confidence of professional use, including the scalp, hair care skin care early answer to the demands of many years with a professional from the Beauty Salon
⑧ The new management system by transfer of, 2012 October officer
⑨ The company officer moved in Feb.2016
from Zama city/ Urawa/ Saitama pref.


(Capital): J. Yen 10,000,000


VII. Management member:  

Representative Director, President &General Manager
Senior Managing Director and Executive Vice President


VIII. Main customer (Customer & Partner):  

Sale destination
Home sales leaders (37 individual sales contractors)
Ask West sale, Cosmetic lab IBC,IBC North Japan,
Office Hearts,
Contract manufacturers
Cosmetic Aida, Towa Chemical.
Hoshi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Financial institutions
Japan Finance Corporation, Atsugi Branch
Yokohama Shinkin bank Sagamino branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Atsugi Branch,
Mizuho Bank Akasaka branch,



  • • Co. I NBC headquarters Institute
  • • Address: 〒 330-0071 6-16-1Kamikizaki, Urawa-ku , Saitama-shi, Saitama-pref.
  • • TEL main :+81-48-711-8977, Toll Free TEL:0120-870-119
  • • FAX :+81-48-711-87981
  • • E-mail: